Is what you want to achieve in line with what you believe?

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By Nancy Keny

I will bet you $100 that I can tell you which goals you will achieve and which ones you won’t. How? By asking you one simple question.

Wouldn’t that be great if someone could tell you ahead of time which goals you would actually follow-through with so you could save weeks, months even years of angst and the subsequent beating yourself up for those unachieved goals and resolutions?

Wouldn’t that be great if you could learn to tell for yourself, not only with your professional goals but personal goals as well?

What would you be doing and how would your life be different if you had that kind of clarity? Go through the following process and see what you can apply to ensure success of your goals.

Choose a goal with which you are currently having trouble. Next, listen very carefully to the following question. This will be the most powerful question you ask before embarking upon your goal.

“Is my belief system in alignment with my desired outcome?”

What does this mean?

Nanice Ellis, author of an upcoming book which deals in part with belief systems and their impact on change, views belief systems as what your current thoughts are regarding a particular desired outcome or goal.

Belief systems may be influenced by past experience and other people and it is your belief about your ability to achieve your goal that determines its achievement.

If your desired outcome is to find a fulfilling career but your current belief system regarding a fulfilling career is something like “I’ll never find something I enjoy. Every time I change jobs I’m still miserable. I have no control over it.” then you won’t achieve it.

Why? Because this belief system is not in alignment with the desired outcome. You want a fulfilling career but you believe that it will never happen and you have no control over the outcome. More than likely then, it will never happen.

What about the desired outcome ” I want to increase my sales and income.” If your belief system is “I’m uncomfortable at cold calling and closing the sale has been really tough. I had 10 rejections just last week. It’s just too hard.” then this too will be difficult to achieve.

Your brain hears exactly what you tell it. Whether it is true, false, good, or bad. When you tell yourself you are powerless, incapable and have failed many times, then you subconsciously become incredibly resistant toward achieving your goal, even though it is something that you really want to do.

Being in alignment is more than just positive thinking. Questioning alignment forces you to take a deeper look at the specific things that you want and your true belief about being able to achieve them. It offers you something specific to change, your thoughts or actions.

How do you achieve your goals and align your belief system with your desired outcome? The first thing to do is make a list of areas or goals that may not be working for you. Write down your answers to the following questions. Things often appear more clearly when on paper.

1. Determine your desired outcome or goal.

2. What is your current thinking or belief about this outcome? Be truthful.

3. Is this belief in alignment with your desired outcome? Does it positively support the outcome?

4. If the answer is yes, then you are well on your way to success. If the answer is no, continue on to number 5. You have some work to do before you even think of taking another step. This is where the most work will be done toward achieving your goals. Your beliefs are the foundation of your goals. Without a positive anchor, your goals will easily get off track and flounder. Spend 80% of your time here and the rest will follow almost effortlessly.

5. How does your belief need to change to be in alignment with your outcome? Write it down. Now read it out loud and see how it sounds. Take time and keep changing it until it resonates positively with you and you believe it. Revisit this when you feel you are off track.

6. Next, “Act as if…” your new beliefs are right now in alignment with your desired outcome. Feel the shift in energy. It really does work.

7. Now you are ready to create your action plan and strategies in order to follow-through on your goal.

Whenever you feel powerless, frustrated, stuck or not quite sure what is getting in the way of what you want to achieve, always go back and revisit the main question.

Keep asking whether your beliefs are in alignment with what you want and listen to the answer. Remember to incorporate this not only with your professional goals but personal goals as well. You will always find something insightful.