Frequently Asked Questions

How can coaching help me?

A coach is an objective observer who can help you gain new perspectives on your personal and professional life. A coach can help you see possibility where you only saw limitations. A coach can help you replace negative beliefs with positive beliefs that support improved behavior and performance in pursuit of desired goals.

A coach will help you maintain your motivation, make course corrections when needed, and reach higher levels of achievement in shorter periods of time.

What is coaching? What do coaches do?

First, coaches help their clients identify, specify, and prioritize their goals. Then, they help them develop appropriate strategies and implement specific processes with which to overcome roadblocks—both real and imagined—and make steady progress toward goal achievement.

Coaches also help clients organize their thoughts, formulate plans, consolidate information required to make decisions, collaborate on ideas, and hold them accountable.

How do I get started with my coach?

The Coaching program begins with a 1-1/2 hour “intake” interview (in person or via phone) where the coaching relationship is personally designed.

Goals and priorities are identified, strategies and expectations are discussed. We will evaluate where you are in your life, professionally and personally, and identify what you want to accomplish over a given time period.

A coaching program will be specifically designed to accommodate your goals and time frame. It will include regularly scheduled sessions which provide feedback, momentum, accountability, and progress towards goals.

Is coaching therapy?

Don’t confuse coaching with counseling or therapy. Therapy often takes you from the past to the present, whereas coaching takes you from the present to the future. Someone asked Wayne Gretsky how he became such a great hockey player. He said “It was because I didn’t skate to where the puck had been, or even to where the puck is now, but to where the puck is going.”

Coaching is a professional client-centered relationship in which the client is perceived to be healthy, powerful, and an achiever of his or her goals. Unlike therapy, coaching understands the client to have the innate expertise and willingness needed to achieve success.

Is coaching consulting?

No. Consultants tell you what to do. They are experts in their field. Coaching assumes you are the expert—that you know what you want. The Coach offers support and structure. Client and coach are in full partnership. Coaching is a much more empowering vehicle.