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Overwhelmed College Student?

An ADHD Coach may be able to help

What is an ADHD Coach?


Executive Functioning & ADHD – The Invisible Disability.

Student_Coaching_fullThe single greatest predictor of academic success is Executive Functioning. It’s even more important than IQ!

ADHD is one type of Executive Functioning impairment.

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive Functioning is the higher function of your brain that helps you control and regulate your behaviors and emotions. Think of Executive Functioning as the aircraft controller or the orchestra conductor for your brain and body.

Executive Functioning keeps you in control of:

• Scheduling
• Goal Setting
• Organizing
• Focusing
• Prioritizing
• Sticking with it when it gets tough (a.k.a. persistence)
• Impulsiveness

Each of us is born with the same set of Executive Functions. However, One Size Does Not Fit All and ability in each of these areas varies on an individual basis.

When you have ADHD you are more often challenged by Executive Functioning than people who don’t have ADHD.

Symptoms of Executive Functioning impairment may include:

• Inability to regulate attention
• Distractibility
• Carelessness
• Forgetfulness
• Difficulty completing tasks
• Poor time management and perception
• Lack of organization
• Procrastination
• Difficulty following conversations
• Hyperactive behavior (such as excessive talking and restlessness)
• Impulsive behavior (such as blurting and interrupting)
• Short-term memory loss.

It is important to recognize that each person has their own, unique set of strengths and weaknesses. The key is to be introspective and understand yourself — know your strengths, your challenges, your passions, your aversions.

That is why so many people benefit from the individualized attention that an ADHD Coach brings to helping you identify and find successful strategies for your Executive Functioning impairments so that you can lead a more happy and fulfilled life.

Source – Edge Foundation

What is an ADHD Coach?

An ADHD coach is trained in the unique challenges and opportunities faced by ADHD students with Executive Function impairment.

We understand that some have a brain that just works differently. Instead of just “trying harder”, what if you just need a different approach to manage your everyday responsibilities?

What can you expect from working with an ADHD Coach?

Your Coach:

  • Schedules weekly one-on-one coaching sessions (either in-person or via phone) to set goals, discuss challenges, hold you accountable and keep you on track towards achieving your goals.
  • Works collaboratively with you to help you attain YOUR goals. The sessions are Student Directed.
  • Starts with the assumption that you are capable and resourceful. He or she believes in you!
  • Focuses on empowering YOU.
  • Is like your Personal Trainer, not only for school but for life.

Your Coach will also:

  • Facilitate exploration of Executive Function strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Assist you in identifying & prioritizing your personal & school goals.
  • Keep you focused on your goals and help you maintain momentum.
  • Help you develop a customized time-management and organization system that works for you.
  • Establish an effective follow-up & accountability system.
  • Help you become more productive and less distracted.
  • Provide you with unconditional support and encouragement, and is your biggest cheerleader, not only when you succeed, but when you fall short of your goal.

ADHD Coaching is NOT…

Therapy • Counseling • Tutoring • Consulting


“Thank you for all you have done for my son!  We would definitely like you to continue with him next semester.  I am so pleased with the changes I have seen in him, but I don’t think he is ready to do it all entirely on his own.  Also, he said he wants to continue working with you!”

Parent of Freshman Student
University of Mary Washington


“Thank you for all of your hard work with Peter.  You are an excellent coach and he has been lucky to have you.  I know he has enjoyed working with you as well!”

Parent of Junior Student
University of Mary Washington


“My confidence level’s risen immensely. Sometimes I even feel like the smart kid now.”

John H.
High School Sophomore
16 years old

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Professional & Personal Coach

Your Coach Will:

1. Maximize your individual skills, resources, and productivity toward achieving your goals.

2. Be dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and challenging you to uncover and fulfill your life’s dreams and goals, both personally and professionally.

3. Help you identify where your life is out of balance so that you can create a more balanced and fulfilled life.

4. Assist you in identifying your goals and setting priorities.

5. Help you devise action plans and strategies that keep you focused on your goals.

6. Develop a customized time-management and organization system to ensure progress towards your goals.

7. Schedule weekly coaching sessions (either in-person or via phone) to hold you accountable and keep you on track towards your goals.

8. Help you identify, work through, and remove obstacles which sabotage your desire and ability to change and follow-through.

9. Ask you powerful questions to make you think and become aware of what you want out of life and how you are going to become pro-active in your life rather than reactive.

10. Provide you with unconditional support and encouragement, and is your biggest cheerleader, not only when you succeed, but when you fall short of your goal.